Sunday AM

At Noon’s Creek Hatchery on Sunday starting at 9 AM and finishing at NOON, join Dave Bennie for a BREAKFAST DJ JAM ‘n’ PANCAKES.  Fill up on yummy pancakes, listen to great music, tour Noons Creek Hatchery, and if the spirit moves you join in a cleanup and invasive species removal. A plant such as lamium (pictured below) once (and often still) sold as a groundcover or hanging basket filler, can quickly take over gardens and banks. It spreads easily and can choke out native species. Music, pancakes and a rewarding opportunity to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity. ALL YOURS!



Lamium or yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon) is a trailing, evergreen, perennial groundcover with square stems. The heart-shaped leaves are typically variegated and slightly hairy. For a short time, it has small upright yellow flowers.